Coulee Smokeless Fire Pits Offer a Better Burn


Outdoor fire pits are hot – literally and figuratively! According to the American Institute of Architects 2023 Home Design Trends Survey, a fire pit is one of the most desired home features today. Another study by the American Society of Landscape Architects, ranks fire pits tops on the list of most-popular, outdoor, design elements. Neither is surprising, given how much enjoyment a fire pit adds to an outdoor living space.

If it’s high-end sophistication you’re after, you can find modern, gas-fueled fire pits with high-tech features and push-button controls. But for many, it’s hard to beat the intense heat, woodsy aroma, and snap-crackle-pop of an authentic, traditional, wood-burning fire pit.

Unfortunately, the very same qualities that make a wood-burning fire pit alluring, are its biggest drawbacks. For one, if you happen to be sitting downwind, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get smoke in your eyes. And, that delightful woodsy fragrance is likely to linger in your hair and on your clothes long afterward.

A smokeless wood-burning fire pit is an ideal solution that offers the best attributes of a wood-burning pit with smart engineering to make it practically smoke-free. 

Smokeless Fire Pits that Smoke the Competition

Coulee Smokeless Fire Pits have a patented airflow design that creates more efficient combustion to virtually eliminate smoke. Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, the portable, multifuel units can burn firewood or wood pellets.

They are offered in two models: the Colorado, with a 17.5-inch interior burn chamber, and Colorado XL, with a 21-inch interior burn chamber. Both sizes have many well-thought-out features and accessories – nearly all of which come standard in the base price, adding value that gives Coulee Fire Pits a significant edge over the competition.

For instance, a grilling grid accessory is typically an “extra” that can add as much as $270 to the cost of other smokeless fire pits. All Colorado and Colorado XL models include, as standard, a grilling grid and mounting post system for cooking over the live fire, one of the hottest outdoor-cooking trends today. The grilling grid is fully height-adjustable along the post, so it can be raised and lowered in proximity to the fire before locking in place for stability.

Coulee Smokeless Fire Pits also incorporate a built-in, ash-collection pan that conveniently slides out for easy removal and cleanup of ashes, once fully extinguished. Other standard inclusions are a fire poker tool, and a fabric cover, a typical add-on that runs up to $90 on other fire pits.

Extra Enhancements

Optional accessories are available to enhance the Coulee Fire Pits experience, though notably, at lower prices than similar products in the marketplace.

One is a spark screen that attaches to the mounting post to prevent errant sparks from going astray. Innovative engineering allows the protective screen to lock in place over the fire, swing away with a nudge from the fire poker tool, and even be used in tandem with the grilling grid. This clever design avoids the need to fully remove the spark screen and find a safe spot to place it temporarily, when you’re cooking or need to add wood to the fire.

In addition, an optional, solid, stainless-steel lid can extinguish the fire, without needing to douse it with water. Besides providing peace of mind, the lid conveniently keeps out rain and debris. Like the spark screen, it can be installed even with the grilling grid attached to the post, so there’s no need to find storage for the accessory components.

Smoke-Free, But So Much More

A budget-friendly Coulee Fire Pit offers another benefit: portability. At 30 pounds for the Colorado model and 45 pounds for the Colorado XL, the units are lightweight enough to carry to different parts of the patio for warmth by the dining table or relaxation area. Or, move it poolside, or near the cornhole boards on the lawn, if that’s where the action is.

A Coulee Fire Pit is easy to transport for camping and tailgating, tote to a vacation home, or stash in an RV for road trips. It also makes sense if you are renting your residence and want to be able to take it with you if you move.

And that’s no smoke!

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