RCS Grills - Simple Is Good

Simple is good. Everyone would agree with that. From simple apps, simple assembly instructions, even simple recipes and cooking steps.

At RCS we believe in simple, easy to use outdoor cooking appliances. We've designed our grills with common-sense BTU levels. BTU's refer to the amount of heat a grill produces. Some manufacturers sell BTU's like they are horsepower when in effect, they are just a larger hole in the orifice. The problem with grills that have TOO high of BTUs is that it is more difficult to operate the grill....which is kind of the opposite of simple, right? Anyone can use an RCS grill and create beautiful meals without being a chef.

RCS also includes features available for their grills that can enhance a grillers experience, like optional smoking boxes for more outdoor smoked taste. Several models offer rear burners when used in conjunction with a rotisserie, they can create beautiful slow-rotiss meats and veggies. If you REALLY WANT to sear food FAST, there is an optional infra-red burner available that replaces one of the original burners and is easy to switch back and forth if you wish (more simple).

Even the new V series access doors make things simple. How? Simply push to close and it has a new soft-close feature that finishes the job. The new REFR4 two-drawer fridge has the same feature and makes sure your drawers are completely snugged up and closed.

At RCS we like simple and we're betting you will, too. Simple, feature-packed and very affordable high quality products. Several more reasons why RCS truly is "America's best value in outdoor kitchen equipment".