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US$ 260.00

The match lit gas fire pit insert kit includes everything you need to put together an in-ground or above match lit fire pit. Includes burner, manual valve and fittings.


LP Applications: We offer a specific gas fire pit kit designed for LP applications. The LP kit also includes a properly sized air mixer. Please follow instructions during installation - Media type and amount is critical for safe operation.

The Penta burner not only looks different, it burns different with lava rock & especially with glass media. It is designed to deliver a very uniform & full flame form edge-to-edge - a dramatically different look than the conventional high-center flame given by standard fire rings. This is accomplished by utilizing holes drilled at the 3, 9, & 12 o'clock positions of the stainless steel tubing for a broader flame. if you enjoy your fire pit flame on low, this will not exhibit the ring pattern seen with some concentric fire rings.

The burner uses a raised hub design to shed water and is low profile requiring less media.