Haggards FAQ's

  • How long does it take to process my order & ship?

    Most Adornments, Coolers, Frames, Signs ship withing 1-3 days. Engraved coolers 3-5 days. Bars take 5-10 days. Shipping times vary depending on shipping address.

    • What type of wood do we use?

    Mainly Older Used Cedar and occasionally ply wood

    • Should we protect our product with an outdoor sealer?

    If you plan to leave the product out in the weather, yes. You may need to apply a few times a year depending the damage caused by your areas environment. Use Spar polyurethane. Make sure to use an Oil based sealer.

    • Do i have to assemble the product?

    The Coolers and trash cans will need some assembly. The Adornments, Bars, Frames, Patio Sets, and Signs will not need assembly.