Item: HRBADB005B
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US$ 499.00

NEW from White Stone-Our newest version of the Rustic Outdoor Wooden Bar. It matches our wooden ice chests, tables, chairs and trash cans in this ever-expanding line. THIS bar was actually custom-built for a customer and we liked it so much, we decided to add it to our lineup. Give us a little time (usually less than two weeks) and we can custom-build something for you too! Your new bar will each include on of the rustic bottle openers shown on the rear. You may also choose from the adornments below according to your budget and taste. Just tell us in the comments section of your order where you would like them placed on the bar. The price shown includes one adornment from below and a bottle opener. We’ll be happy to add as many adornments as you want, however.

As you can see, in the enlarged picture, this unit also includes two doors and shelves on the back. The doors are great for keeping things out of the sun and private. The shelves offer a lot of storage space underneath as well. Plus-this bar is also complete with two handy drawers for the rest of your smaller items.

These rustic wooden bars are each hand made here in Texas from old weathered wood. As a result there are no two exactly alike. These "barn-wood" style bars add that rustic old charm feel to any outdoor gathering.

No need to worry about the wood fading IT ALREADY IS! The materials are what is commonly called "barn wood" and are in fact very old materials but still very useful and strong. You could say we're sort of recycling this stuff!

The most common question is “How long will they last outdoors?” Well-given the fact that the wood is already about 10-20 years old and is still very strong, we think it has at least another 10 years left, out in the weather, anyway!

Approximate dimensions are (remember these are hand-built so it will vary a little from piece to piece) 42" tall, 72" left to right and 23" deep. The overhang on the top is approximately 6" wide.